Round center round outline pendant with bail 2

center stone and chain sold separately
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Style # Shape MM Size Color Clarity Size ct Weight in 14K
Round 4.0mm GH VS2-SI1 14-1.3mm/0.11ct 1.1g
Round 4.5mm GH VS2-SI1 14-1.3mm/0.15ct 1.5g
Round 5.0mm GH VS2-SI1 16-1.3mm/0.18ct 1.5g
Round 5.5mm GH VS2-SI1 16-1.3mm/0.17ct 1.5g
Round 6.0mm GH VS2-SI1 18-1.3mm/0.20ct 1.6g
Round 6.5mm GH VS2-SI1 18-1.3mm/0.19ct 1.6g
Round 7.0mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.3mm/0.20ct 1.8g
Round 7.5mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.3mm/0.22ct 1.8g
Round 8.0mm GH VS2-SI1 22-1.3mm/0.25ct 2.0g