Cushion center Cushion outline pendant

Center stone and chain sold separately
Cushion outline pendant fits cushion center stone. 
Center stone and chain are not included.
Products specifications
Center Stone Shape Cushion
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Style # Shape MM Size Color Clarity Size ct Weight in 14K
Cushion 4.0x4.0mm GH VS2-SI1 14-1.1mm/0.09ct 0.7g
Cushion 4.5x4.5mm GH VS2-SI1 16-1.1mm/0.12ct 0.8g
Cushion 5.0x5.0mm GH VS2-SI1 16-1.1mm/0.11ct 0.9g
Cushion 5.5X5.5mm GH VS2-SI1 18-1.1mm/0.14ct 1.0g
Cushion 6.0x6.0mm GH VS2-SI1 18-1.2mm/0.14ct 1.1g
Cushion 6.5x6.5mm GH VS2-SI1 18-1.3mm/0.15ct 1.2g
Cushion 7.0x7.0mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.3mm/0.16ct 1.3g
Cushion 7.5x.7.5mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.35mm/0.20ct 1.6g
Cushion 8.0x8.0mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.4mm/0.25ct 1.9g
Cushion 8.5x8.5mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.5mm/0.25ct 2.4g
Cushion 9.0x9.0mm GH VS2-SI1 20-1.6mm/0.31ct 2.7g