Square center with one row shared prong

center stone sold separately
Products specifications
Center Stone Shape Square
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Style # Shape MM Size Color Clarity Size ct Weight in 14K
Square 5.5x5.5mm GH VS2-SI1 12-RB 0.52ct 4.7g
Square 6.0x6.0mm GH VS2-SI1 14-RB 0.26ct 3.6g
Square 6.2x6.2mm GH VS2-SI1 14-RB 0.42ct 3.5g
Square 6.5x6.3mm GH VS2-SI1 12-RB 0.57ct 5.3g
Square 6.6x6.6mm GH VS2-SI1 12-RB 0.36ct 3.8g
Square 6.7x6.7mm GH VS2-SI1 8-RB 0.52ct 5.7g
Square 7.0x7.0mm GH VS2-SI1 14-RB 0.55ct 4.5g
Square 7.5x7.5mm GH VS2-SI1 14-RB 0.55ct 4.6g
Square 7.6x6.5mm GH VS2-SI1 14-RB 0.26ct 3.8g
Square 7.7x7.3mm GH VS2-SI1 10-RB 0.82ct 5.6g