Three stone trellis ring with oval stones

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Style # Center Stone Shape Center Stone Size Side Stone Size Weight in 14K
Oval 6.0x4.0mm 2-5.0x3.0mm 3.8g
Oval 7.0x5.0mm 2-5.0x3.0mm 3.8g
Oval 7.0x5.0mm 2-6.0x4.0mm 4.1g
Oval 8.0x6.0mm 2-5.0x3.0mm 4.7g
Oval 8.0x6.0mm 2-6.0x4.0mm 5.0g
Oval 8.0x6.0mm 2-7.0x5.0mm 5.6g
Oval 9.0x7.0mm 2-5.0x3.0mm 4.3g
Oval 9.0x7.0mm 2-6.0x4.0mm 5.8g
Oval 9.0x7.0mm 2-7.0x5.0mm 6.3g
Oval 9.0x7.0mm 2-8.0x6.0mm 6.9g
Oval 10.0x8.0mm 2-6.0x4.0mm 6.4g
Oval 10.0x8.0mm 2-7.0x5.0mm 7.1g
Oval 10.0x8.0mm 2-9.0x7.0mm 8.2g